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Safety Management Systems

Course Overview

The safety Management Systems training will equip participants with the understanding and effective implementation of the SMS in the Organisation.

The following aviation service providers are required to establish SMS commensurate with each organisation's size and complexity of operation

  • Commercial Aircrafts Operations
  • Approved Maintenance Organisations providing services to commercial aircraft operators
  • Approved Training Organisations Providing Flight Training Services
  • Air Traffic Service Providers
  • Certified aerodrome Operators

Course Content

  • Safety Concepts
  • SSP and SMS Reguirements
  • The management of Safety
  • SMS framework and details
  • Risk Management
  • Establishment of SMS

Course Duration


The course duration is 30 Hours (5 Days)


The course duration is 12 Hours (2 Days)

Executive Briefing

The course duration is 4 Hours

Expected Outcome

Provide Knowledge and skills for establishment and implementation of Safety Management System in an aviation organisation in line with Kenya civil Aviation Regulations and International Civil Aviation Organisation(ICAO)Standards and Recommended Practices(SARPS)

Target Group

  • Safety Managers/Officers
  • Quality Systems Auditors
  • Quality Managers
  • Key Post Holders
  • Security Managers
  • Operations Managers and supervisors