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Dangerous Goods – CBTA

Course Overview

Be familiar with the contents of dangerous goods and will be able to apply the principles.
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Apply dangerous goods regulations correctly
  2. Apply the legal aspects involved
  3. Differentiate between shipper’s and operator’s responsibilities
Functions as defined in IATA’s ‘ Functions  Previously covered under categories
Processing or Accepting Goods Presented as General Cargo 7.2 4, 7
Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments 7.3 6
Processing Dangerous Goods Consignments 7.3 3
Handling/loading/unloading Cargo at warehouse/aircraft 7.4 5, 8
Accepting Passenger and Crew Baggage and Direct Passenger Contact at an Airport 7.5 9
Planning of Aircraft Loading 7.6 10
Flight Crew 7.7 10
Flight Operations Officers and Flight Dispatchers 7.8 10
Cabin Crew 7.9 11
Screening of Passengers and Crew and their Baggage, Cargo and Mail 7.10 12

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