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Dangerous Goods

Course Overview

Be familiar with the contents of dangerous goods and will be able to apply the principles.
Participants will specifically be equipped to:

  1. Apply dangerous goods regulations correctly
  2. Apply the legal aspects involved
  3. Differentiate between shipper’s and operator’s responsibilities

Key Topics

  • General philosophy
  • Limitations
  • General requirements for shippers
  • Classification
  • List of dangerous goods
  • General Packaging requirements
  • Packaging Instructions
  • Labeling And Marking

Target Group

  • Maintenance engineers and technicians;
  • Flight crew and cabin crew;
  • Flight operations officers and load controllers;
  • Air traffic controllers and AIS briefing officers;
  • Aerodrome operations officers and apron officers/supervisors

Course Duration


Category 9, 10,11
The course duration is 6 Hours (1 Days)
Category 5 & 8
The course duration is 12 Hours (2 Days)
Category 6
The course duration is 30 Hours (5 Days)

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